T-Bobbin (C), Rotor Attachment Complete Hardware Kit

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T-Bobbin (C) rotor attachment complete hardware kit for floating 2-piece rotors

  • Corrosion resistant, allows secure mounting, and smooth expansion and contraction throughout heat cycles
  • This complete kit includes enough hardware for two rotors.

-Includes: 24 (enough for a pair of 12 bolt rotors)

  • 1/4 UNF aerospace grade Geomet coated bolts
  • Locking nuts
  • T-Bobbins (C)

-Assemble torque specs: 10.5 lbf-ft / 14 Nm

Fits: Ginetta G55 GT4

Replacement of: Alcon 401M (BSD3430X401M) bobbin hardware RRP $800

We recommend using new hardware every time when replacing rotor rings. If there is no visible wear, bobbins and spring clips can be reused. A bolt kit that includes bolts, locking nuts, and washers is available for purchase.